Have you ever stopped right now and just looked around and realized what you have?

Have you ever taken the time to look at the stars?  Have you ever driven out of town far enough to get away from the lights just to actually see the stars?

I make a point to try to watch the sunset every day.  Is the sunset where you’re at not worth watching every day?  I don’t know anyone where I came from that bothers to look.

Do you ever forget things simply because they’re not important enough to remember?

Have you ever gone out of your way to apologize to someone you would never have seen again in your life if you hadn’t gone out of your way to apologize to them?

Have you ever taken time to go back and actually stop in and say “thank you” or “good job” to someone you encountered in every day life in your recent history, when you weren’t going there because you needed something?  And maybe never would have ever gone there again?  Have you ever made a point to talk to the people in the kitchen in a restaurant and thank them?

Have you ever thought about how important your job is in your life, and if everyone you love was suddenly taken out of your life, how important your job would be to you then?

Have you ever thought about if everything fell apart and you ended up with nothing on the street, who you would want there to help you?

Have you ever watched someone do something you thought would end badly, but you kept silent because you respect their freedom to choose to do what they want to do?  Did you watch them fail?

Have you ever seen someone in public you could tell was hurting and kept your distance because you didn’t want to get involved?  Even when all you had to do was invite them to talk?

Have you ever walked away from someone who was stranded in a parking lot because Roadside Assistance was coming and that should take care of them?

Have you ever opened a door for someone and realized they needed an arm to hold on to in order to get where they needed to go after they got out the door?

Have you ever stopped a stranger to congratulate them on a child or grandchild, and the obvious joy they were experiencing?